Monthly Archives: March 1998

v13.05: Gorn Link Fix, Future Plans

problem with pictures on the “Gorn Europe 1996” page. Apparently when I
moved the Disneyland Paris pictures to their own directory I forgot to
change the links..DUH!! Any ways in another three weeks I am heading
off to Europe again, and hope to get some
more great shots of the Gorn. I have a few new domestic pictures
available and will be putting them online soon. I also am going to work
on a new
home page design. Finally, sadly It is almost time to say goodbye to
the Seagranite Online Video Archive. It will no longer be updated, and
I will replace it with a link to my trip diaries. Also added “U.S.
Marshals” to the MCRR.

v12.9: Jarrepalooza restyle and Trip Diaries Debut

layout of Jarrepalooza. Also organized pictures from Fancy version of
my Jarre stuff to its own directory. Also debuted the Josh’s
Trip Diaries page with notes from my journal for my 1996 trip to London
and Paris. As time goes on, I hope to start adding photographs to the
For now, just enjoy the recollections I have. The Trip Diaries Page can
be accessed through the SeaGranite Web Page or directly
here: Josh Catalfo’s Trip Diaries.