Club Josh

Happy Halloween

I always did think this was a rather bizarre tradition. Dress weird and go ask strangers for candy – seems to be anti-everything parents tell you when growing up. It does explain why kids love it so much and at the same time why they never seem to listen the other 364 days of the year.

Site update today – Europe 1998 premieres in the Travel Diaries section. it is only 2 and a half years late. Some interesting behind the scenes work was done on some of the diary index pages. I converted them to HTML 4 (Style sheets and such) and cleaned up the code. I noticed some of the old code was left over from circa 1997 and needed a good scrubbing. I also made the content on the pages SSI’s so I can port them over to the PDA site. I hope to get all the diaries converted so they can show up on the PDA site – and if I am lucky, a Cell Phone site as well.