Evolution of Club Josh

June 28, 1995
Club Josh as it premiered on the Internet

Fall 1996 to March 1997
Club Josh with a new background image as well as a nice new large photo of Josh on Montara Beach. By this time, the site had introduced the concept of “sub pages” instead of just one looooooong page.

March-May 1997
The first version of Club Josh with a left nav appears

May-October 1997
First site with white background and images for the links

October-December 1997
Small change so that color on the images appeared using a new command called “mouseover”

Dec 1997 – Feb 1998
This is Club Josh temporarily gussied
up for the Holiday Season for the first and last time

Feb-June 1998
Club Josh featuring a classic Josh pic from 1976
This was the first use of the same design with swapping out a photo

June 1998 – April 1999
Image links were on the way out and you can tell by the lining up of the images in a list format. This was also the first appearance of the multicolor Club Josh logo

April 1999 – October 2000
Club Josh with minimal graphics and text links. There were several pictures in the spot since the Tomorrowland graphic, including a picture of me with a BMW Z8 picture.

October 2000 – September 2001
Slight change in color and addition of Daily Update . New Picture format led to high hopes for a greater rotation of pic. Also Daily Update addition was the first time home page had new content on a regular basis.

September 2001 – June 2005
It shows how much I have liked this design considering parts of it were still being used until 2012. I really settled on a layout I liked that contained all the elements I was looking for in a home page. Big additions: thumbnails highlight the different sections of site, What’s New content to homepage, and a slight logo change (removed the underline).

June 28, 2005 – June 30, 2009
White is the new yellow. Mid 00’s, I decided that I needed something more bloggish and modern, so I removed most of the color from the home page, but made the masthead a HUGE photo. This finally killed the quick rotation of photos which never panned out. This design started out as a center alignment then moved to a left alignment in its last two years (but with no other code changes). This also introduced a new signature Club Josh logo.

June 30, 2009 – May 25, 2013
This design took awhile to get going. I knew what I wanted for a long time (it is actually a good 2008 design launched in 2009). This site is the first designed for 1024×768, contains a much larger graphic and now for the first time TWO dynamic content sections – The Daily Update and now a Twitter feed. Also, the background is now grey and the elements float in white rounded boxes.

May 25, 2013 – June 24, 2020
First WordPress site using a slight modification to the default template. It’s responsive to the viewing platform and will hopefully change as I get better with either buying or making templates. This design also is the first with all-new code and does not contain any legacy code (just some legacy links). This also is the first time I finally got to implement a rotating banner image on the site. The tweets disappeared when I locked my Twitter account.
Longest Running Design!

June 24, 2020 – present
After seven years of ignoring the design, finally changed the WordPress template. Hopefully changes won’t take this long anymore, but well, looking at the above list I wouldn’t expect it anything. New design brings Daily Update, Trip Diaries, What’s New, and Club House all to the same design. Still three different blogs and who knows they might all get merged one day. A bit disappointed that there is not rotating photos, but also like the new feature boxes on the main page.

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