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Jack is back

It is amazing what a turnaround that Jack-In-The-Box has done since the mid ’80’s horsemeat scandals. Ever since they got the new commercial campaign in the early ’90’s they have been on a roll. One of the most inspired things they have done was creating the Meaty Cheesy Boys last year. This fall, they re-launched the site for the 1.99 Ultimate Cheeseburger promotion. Just the fact that they have their own web site with music is way cool.

I received my Fantasia Anthology DVD set this week. It is amazing how much better the video is on the DVD of Fantasia compares to my laserdisc. One thing that does bite is that the audio of Deems Taylor’s narration was not found. The version of the narration is the original 1941 road show of Fantasia (the road show was the original version of the movie in theaters with “Fantasound”) and the original audio was lost. I always thought highly of Taylor’s work and that it greatly enhanced the movie. The new narration is flat and uninspired. For that reason, I am keeping my laserdisc. Fantasia 2000 has no such problems and is an amazing DVD (as good as Bug’s Life and Toy Story). When I watch the anthology disc extras, I’ll pass along my opinions.