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Mobile Club Josh Fantasia

The majority of the weekend was spent watching the supplemental material on my Fantasia Anthology DVD. I really think that Classic Fantasia got the short end of the stick. It seems like they rushed to put it out with Fantasia 2000. The supplements for each section pale in comparison to those for Fantasia 2000. However, the presence of Walt Disney (via some old footage from the classic “Disneyland” show among others) as well as storyboards-to-music versions of some proposed segments as well as the complete Claire De Lune almost make up for it. The extras for Fantasia 2000 are full of alternate versions and interviews with the segment directors and such. I still recommend the complete set, but I still hope that somewhere there is a person with the Deems Taylor audio sitting around so they can re-do the DVD and add some more extras.

The other choice of entertainment this weekend was Charlie’s Angels. If you check realism at the door, this is a great way to spend a few hours. I don’t know what you pay for movies these days, but in Burbank the going rate for adults is $8.50. I am sure New York and even some theaters in LA are over $10.

In Clubjosh news, thanks to Dave Haber, I am pleased to announce that the Club Josh Mobile Edition v1.0 is now available. Dave helped out by adapting a Perl program to take my update file and breaking it up to cell phone length. Duly inspired, I added the Walt Disney World Trip Diaries to the phone as well. Europe ’98 should follow soon thereafter, and then the others. In the back of my mind exists an application for the Gorn page. We’ll see if it springs up…