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Enjoying Ferrari’s at Willow Springs

Yesterday was a busy one and thus no update. I spent a good chunk of the day admiring some cars (and even riding in two) at Willow Springs Raceway. One of the highlights was a pair of Ferrari 360 Modena’s racing around the large track.

I guess I spoke too soon. Apparently, Southern California is also feeling the pinch of the Electricity Grinch. I think this is the biggest BS that has ever come out of the power consortium. I say we all get generators and put them out of business. How could the governing body have let so many Power plants go down for maintenance at the same time? Someone needs to lose his or her job over this. At least I live in an area served by the much-maligned LA Department of Water and Power. They are not tied into the system that is having all the problems.

Europe 1996 is now available via PDA and Mobile. The PDA site is now about 400k. I think I am going to redo the PDA link and give users the option select which sections they want on their PDA.