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A Really Great Weekend

It really started with Thursday night’s Ab Fab-athon with Cory and Peter. Besides work on Friday, it pretty much continued through Sunday night. Friday night the gang headed out to UltraSuede. I must admit it was a bit odd dancing to such classics as “You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record)”, “The Jefferson’s Theme”, and “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”. It’s been awhile since I had been out doing any sort of dancing and it was good to be out in the real world. A note about the ever-classic “You Spin Me”: when I was a young impressionable youth (circa 1985), my brother’s friend Mark Woodsmall told me that I would grow up and look exactly like the lead singer. So far, the prophecy has not come true, but I still worry about it.

Saturday’s entertainment was limited to late Saturday night at Cory’s friend Fred’s house (I am not sure if that is grammatically correct). The party was for Fred’s roommate and I found myself watching Nightmare on Elm Street and parts of The Mummy with the sound off. It was particularly funny to watch the subtitles on the Mummy. It made me realize just how bad the dialogue really is in that movie. Overall it was a fun party.

Sunday was another low-key day, but Roger and I ended up at Disneyland. They are almost ready to open the doors to the new resort. They have pushed back the walls to near the huge “California” letters outside the entrance. It’s the first time I have been in that position since the parking lot was open. I must admit, it will be odd in the new park. No matter where I go, I will be thinking of what section of the old parking lot it is. For example – “Let’s go ride the roller coaster out in Winnie the Pooh”. Of course you can do that with Disneyland – “Let’s go ride Indiana Jones out in Donald”.

Last but not least, I found out from Carfax (via Brother-Unit) that my first car, the Trekmobile, the 1987 Toyota Corolla, was junked on 11-29-99. I am a bit depressed for some strange reason. Oh well, I’ll get over it as I drive home in my Xterra.