Five Days left

Five days before Christmas, I have officially begun my shopping. For those of you who have someone on your list who doesn’t need anything or hasn’t decided what they want, may I suggest a donation in their name to the National Childhood Cancer Fund. I like donating to them because they have one of the highest ratios of how much they get in donations to the amount going to research (somewhere around 95%). That means only 5% of donations goes to cover administration costs. They also have holiday cards that are made by cancer survivors. Nothing like giving warm fuzzies for the holidays.

Last night, as I was making the rounds of the stores, I noticed how bad the selection of cards at Hallmark is. Not only that, but the number of cards that say ‘Holiday’ or ‘Season’s Greetings’ vs. ‘Christmas’ or ‘Hanukkah’ was disproportionately low. And what’s up with the huge line at Fry’s? It’s a great place to shop unless you need customer service or actually want to buy something.