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Geo and J. Lo

If you like the Geography (and I know you do) then you must check out the Degree Confluence Project. I think I need to go out and get a GPS unit and go on a series of road trips.

Two very different movies I saw recently both gave me the same feeling. Scary Movie was funny in spotty places, but overall felt like it was about 2 years late. The Cell was an interesting visual composition, but it was dragged down by some horrific acting by Jennifer Lopez. She was good in Selena. What happened?? The Cell was also fun to see because I was at Warner Hollywood Studios when they were filming the movie and it was a treat to see two scenes that I distinctly remember them filming. The first one is when Jennifer sees the little boy on the stairway from afar when she first goes into the killer’s mind. The second was the Cherry Blossom “Jennifer’s Mind” scene near the end.