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Get yer Furry Animal here

It’s Groundhog Day! What a bizarre little tradition that is. Grab a small animal parade it around town and then predict weather. Did this happen to Willard Scott when he first got started?

Last night’s episode of Survivor 2: Electric Boogaloo was muy engrossing and just plain gross. The immunity challenge involved spinning a wheel and eating either a bug or some other gross-out snack. If you are lucky you might get the apple or candy bar. The more I watch the show I realize that there is no way I would last even the first day there. My favorite character so far is “Mad Dog”. The moment she removed her dentures was priceless.

Tonight I am off to Anaheim to spend the night in an-ti-ci-pa-ti-on of Saturday and Sunday’s jaunt to The Disneyland Resort. Al-most there. Can’t-hardly-contain-self. No I am not excited or looking forward to it. Not in the slightest. Riiiiiight.

Hopefully, I will be able to provide a new homepage picture as well as oodles of new Gorn shots. See y’all Monday!!