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Crash and Snooze

I separated out the Gorn pictures from DCA so that they have their own section under the Gorn pages. I really need a better system for pictures so that I can avoid duplicate files on the server. But alas, I am too lazy – and I have ample server space so I can let it slide for a bit.

Last night, I totally crashed and it felt good after the long weekend at the park. After a few days it is still hard to believe I was there, but at the same time, I fell like the new park is like a new friend. We just got to know each other, and we’ll be creating nothing but memories together. (hmm man that was sappy.)

The 10th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. If you didn’t receive an invite send me an e-mail and I’ll get one out to you. This year’s event is at Mark’s apartment in San Bruno so make travel arrangements now. Be warned: If you receive an invite and you don’t show up, your name gets put on the dartboard. Couples: its OK. You just need to stage a mock breakup and refrain from osculating and all that touchy-feely stuff until midnight. Hope to see you there!