Damn Enterprise

Last night I found out I was royally screwed by Enterprise Rent-a-car. Apparently I was charged for the optional insurance. I looked at the contract and sure enough, I initialized the spot where it says I accept it. I seemed to remember the not-quite-honest person at the counter asking me if I wanted to have the optional or regular coverage. I think I said just the regular coverage, and therefore that is what I got. Oh well. Moral of the story: always read what you sign no matter how big of a hurry you might be in at the time.

Around 2am, I was awakened by a horrendous thump against the wall of my apartment. It repeated over and over again against various walls of the complex for about 30 minutes. In my sleep induced state various scenarios played out in my mind: Someone is shooting at the building, someone is throwing rocks against the walls, and someone is trying to break into the apartment. It is one of those creepy things in the middle of the night that probably will stick with me for a few days.

Damn Disney needs to start selling annual passports again!