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New Mattress

Malibu Luxury has arrived at the apartment. Boy, what a difference a new mattress makes in one’s life. The definitive test will be tonight and tomorrow when I get to sleep in late. Now that the mattress is in, the rest of the furniture looks a bit low to the ground. Now mind you, I have the same nightstands that I had as a kid. I guess its time to pony up the money and get some new bedroom furniture and finally part with some dearly beloved items.

Dave Haber gets another mention. He came up with a log file program that allows me to see what people are searching for when they hit certain pages of the site. I get this information from that nasty graphic on the page, but sometimes people leave before it loads. In just a few hours, I see that I am getting a handful of people from Google and Yahoo, so I guess some of the optimization that I have been doing has paid off. After talking with an expert in the area (thanks Andrea!) I am going to redesign the Charo and Gorn homepages to get better results. And hey, it’s been almost three years since the last major redesign of those pages so they are due.