Club Josh / Disney

Massive Update

Man what a weekend!!

Saturday was spent hanging with the family and helping Roger with his HTML class. Ok I was more of moral support as I slept and he worked, but you get the picture. Sunday. Now Sunday was a different story.

Sunday I scanned 71 pictures for the website. I started scanning just Gorn pictures and ended up with 51 of them – mostly of North America, but I also added some European ones from 1996. While going through the albums, I decided to add some more pictures of Charo in Concert from 1998. It was just a few more, so I added some pictures of Formal 23, Random 25, and Yellow 26 to the Party Pics section. In total, I spent over 4 hours on the computer scanning. I ended up breaking out the North American Gorn photos by year – similar to how it is done for the Europe pictures. I might play with it a bit more, but it depends on how motivated I get. I think I need a break.

When Roger was done with his class, he decided to have some fun. So we headed out to Disneyland. While checking the wait at the Napoli restaurant in Downtown Disney, we saw Danny Bonaduce who was there with his daughter. Right then I realized I needed to carry some more Gorns with me. Inside Disneyland, we were happy to discover that they were already selling the two park passports. We ponied up the money and walked across the esplanade into California Adventure. All was right in the world again.

Ok, off to bed. Enjoy the pics!