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Oscar Predictions 2001

I guess no free tacos. Mir came down last night with nary a hitch. Good light show, but no drama. I guess it is a good thing.

Oscar Picks 2001:
A note before I begin. I am only posting for the top 9 categories since my knowledge and experience with the other categories rates next to nil. I did however make picks for them, and I will include them in the final tally after the awards on Monday.

Best Picture: momentum has swung back and forth, but I think Gladiator still has enough to eek it out on Sunday.

Best Director: Ang Lee will ride to victory, mainly due to the Soderbergh split. Ridly Scott could win if it’s a Gladiator night.

Best Actor: This is the toughest battle of the night. Russell Crowe is the early favorite, but I think deep down that Tom Hanks will be the first person to take home three best actor trophies.

Best Actress: No contest this year: Julia Roberts smiles all the way home.

Best Supporting Actor: Benicio Del Toro has the only performance that was really deserving of an award. Joaquin? Don’t think so.

Best Supporting Actress: Kate Hudson is the IT girl and should have something to compare with here Mom.

Best Foreign Language Film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will win this by a landslide, and because of this won’t win Best Picture.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Shut out of most other awards, Traffic will finally get one.

Best Original Screenplay: Not really nominated for much else (other than Kate Hudson), Almost Famous should get this.

Before I forget, I remembered that there are some Gorn pictures from Catalina that I missed! I’ll try and get those up on Monday or so next week.