On the fritz

My trusty JVC VCR from 1992 has gone on the fritz again, and instead of repairing it, I think it is time to invest in a new one. Most SVHS VCR’s can be bought for less than 300 bucks. A big change since 1992 when my regular low-level 4-Head HiFi VCR cost around 400. I figure this will be the last VCR I buy since in 8 years I expect DVD’s to be recordable and the systems to record stuff from your TV or TiVo to them will cost around the same.

I have noticed a lack of comparison shopping for VCR’s on the web. It could be that everyone is shopping for DVD players and such and that people who want a VCR are the people who wouldn’t buy it online.

Note to electronics makers: How about a tool where you type in the Model number of an old VCR and get the current model equivalent. You can even throw in links to the next level up with some text like “Upgrade your picture for only $50 more!!” Just a friendly suggestion.