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Injury update

In addition to the self-inflicted chin scrape suffered earlier this week, this morning I added some scraped knuckles on my left hand. I am a creature of habit. When I shower I usually have a pattern I follow. This minimizes how awake I need to be in the morning while getting ready for work. (I have a separate “don’t care how long I take” routine for the weekends) The downside of all of this is that every now and then you do something stupid. Like this morning. I was towelling off in the shower and raised my hand up to dry my back and bam! I hit my hand on a sharp-ish edge of the top of the shower door causing chunk-size gouges to be taken out of my knuckles (the ones where the finger meets the hand). Not a good week for coordination.

David L. “Squiggy” Lander joins the list of celebrities spotted at McDonald’s. He joins Brad Pitt and Ron Perlman as members of this exclusive club.

I received an e-mail from someone asking about Charo. After some digging, I found that she is performing at John Ascuaga’s Nugget on July 12-14, 2001. So get your tickets now by calling (800) 648-1177.