Quick Housecleaning

I did some quick housecleaning on the site today. Despite the high traffic volumes, no one seemed to notice that some of the links on the Trip Diaries didn’t work. Oh well, they are fixed now. I also added a link to the respective Gorn galleries for the chapters.

This past weekend I was at Disneyland and DCA – not once, but twice. It is amazing how nice DCA is compared to Disneyland late at night. Sure, there are no fireworks (but if you know the tune like I do, you can watch DL’s fireworks and hum along), but the lack of crowds makes the park more enjoyable. You can saunter with your flavor-tipped soft-serve ice cream across Paradise Pier and walk on everything from Screamin’ to Mulholland Madness. Sunday, we were at the Rancho del Zocalo in Frontierland. I was wearing my DCA sweatshirt and the cast member at the register asked me if I liked the new park. I told her yes and she seemed surprised. She told me hardly anyone says yes – most people hate it. I told her its because most people go into the park with the expectation that it is the second coming of Disneyland. Folks, it’s not. It is an entirely different ball of wax. One that I happen to enjoy immensely – despite all the buzz from the internet sites. Of course, when other people figure this out and the crowds finally show up – it will be awfully packed and probably not-so-nice, but I can always yearn for those cold, rainy winter days at Disneyland when Roger and I have the park practically to ourselves.