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Mark, Shaft, and Mandel

Mark was down this weekend and it was nice to kick back, take in some Shaft with Samuel L. Jackson, have an extremely overpriced lunch at Y Arriba Y Arriba at Downtown Disney ($80 for four people consisting of 4 Tapas and 5 side dishes plus two drinks) and generally have a good time.

Another one of my favorite commercials is for Washington Mutual. Guy walks into a bank up to the teller. She asks him for his accunt info and then staple-guns a barcode to the top of his head. She then directs him to the other line. After Washington Mutual flashes to their bank full of nice warm colors and friendly people, we see him in line. He asks the person in front of him “What’s taking so long”. They say “I have no idea”. Flash to the front of the line where the teller is holding someone’s head and running it back and forth across the scanner similar to a supermarket. The teller looks into the monitor and says “I hate it when these things don’t scan”. Priceless.

If there was a vote for coolest person, Mandel would get my vote.