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Corn Dogs and Jarre

I finally have begun working on a new version of jarrepalooza. I’m still playing with the colors and stuffs, but I am well on my way. I was inspired because today I found some more MP3’s online for my collection that I didn’t have before. Also, I found new versions of some that I did have before but were not of good quality.

Fresh from that internet find, I was also shocked that I actually came up with a topic that I could not get any good results from any search engine. I had lunch at Wienerschnitzel which begged the question: “Who invented Corn Dogs? I tried and the best I could get is quoted below. Now I don’t know if this is legit or not, but its the best I can find.

From State Fair Foods website:
Legend has it that two brothers, Carl and Neil Fletcher, were responsible for the first corn dogs. In 1938, the Fletchers were offered a booth at the Texas State Fair in Dallas and needed a product to sell.

The brothers had seen a Dallas street vendor selling hot dogs coated in cornmeal batter that were baked in molds shaped like ears of corn. This generated the idea to put the hot dogs on sticks, dip them in batter, and deep fry them a much faster process and far more convenient to eat. At this point a legend was born corn dogs on a stick!

If anyone has more info, let me know!