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Men Who Look Like Hemingway as well

My new favorite website is A quick view of their hitbox stats (the same company that I use) shows that since they launched the site on May 9th, their projected monthly traffic is about 220,000 users. That’s pretty impressive considering my almost six year old website attracts roughly 5,000 hits a month.

Today I also found out that according to the MTA schedule, it would only take me 1 hour 8 minutes to take the bus to my work. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. On a particularly nasty traffic day it would be worth it. However, I get the feeling that if its bad in a car, it is probably much worse in a bus. We just need a nice light rail train.

Alex is 29 today! I missed his shindig at Chevy’s on Saturday, but have promised to spoil him at Chevy’s the next time we get together.