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The first day of the rest of my life

I am just getting settled into my new life. I had a few extra days to tie up loose ends, but as of tonight, I will be a free man. As one can expect, my mind has been working overdrive on what to do and second guessing what I have done, but I still believe it was the right decision. I describe it as this: Usually in my life there are signs that I should do something. Sometimes I miss them completely (i.e. UCSB) and sometimes I get it. This time around the signs were Las Vegas style so I have confidence that things are going to work out.

Slowly I am getting back into the swing of things so my updates will get back to their normal schedule. Since tomorrow is my first day off, I will try (but not promise) that the trip diaries will go up then. Sorry again for the delay.

ESPN redesigned their homepage today. I kind of like it, however I despise the huge flash ad on the top right and I think it was a big mistake to frame the site for the bottom line scoreboard. It is also interesting to read their message board and note that the tone is very similar to the message board on when they redesigned their site. Don’t take it personally, sometimes people just need to vent their spleen.