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The first full week

July???? Well I enter my first full week of unemployment. The bad part is that due to the holiday on Wednesday (that’s Independence Day for you non-US people) there really are not many leads for new jobs this week. I expect it to pick up next week.

I saw A.I. this weekend as well as Office Space. A.I. was a very good Kubrick/Spielberg hybrid. I think the movie was OK, certainly not a masterpiece, but it was worth the bargain matinee price. A bit long in places, and I think the ending (the most Kubrick-influenced part of the movie) is where most people say “What the ???”. Many people have suggested I see Office Space because it was hilarious. I can only say that the funniest parts of the movie were in the trailer.

I also ran into Ian from Innoventions again this weekend. I gave him the website address so Ian, if you are reading this, Hi – it was cool to see you again. Drop me an e-mail when you get the chance. The rest of you, um, you can write too.