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E-Ticket Dash

This weekend I saw Shrek. People kept egging me on to see it saying how much I would like it. And as with most movies that people say that I would like, I didn’t. I liked Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy’s vocals, but the story was ho-hum and the jokes tired. The press made a big hullabaloo about the Disney jabs, but to me they could have been so much better. They were more pillow jabs than anything. Although I wonder if they were making fun of California Adventure when they showed up at the castle and no one was there.

Last night, in about an hour, Roger and Me completed an E-Ticket dash throughout Disneyland. We actually started at 10:30 and attempted to ride California Screamin’ at DCA, but it was down (surprise, surprise). We then waded through the Electrical Parade mess and went across the esplanade to Disneyland where in one hour we rode Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones. We were gonna complete the mountain ranges with Splash Mountain, but opted for Indy instead. For those of you keeping score that’s three trips to the resort in one week – a new record.