The Dance of the Dream Man

So its 3:45am. I can’t sleep. I kept asking myself why. Is it because I am a lazy bum and have been sleeping until almost noon everyday (thanks to my earplugs)? Is it I am worried that I won’t get a job? While those are probably not helping things, the real reason I can’t sleep is because today was the audition to host Who Wants to Be A Millionaire-Play It! and I didn’t go. I should have gone. I really want to be the host (call it a secret dream of every game show nut). The worst part is that I could have gone, but I only found out about it Sunday night, and while roller skating I talked myself out of it because I felt I would be under prepared.

It didn’t help that the local news had stories about the tryouts and heck, even Entertainment Tonight had a bit. So ever since then, I have been kicking myself. Fortunately, fate has given me a second chance. There is another tryout Friday in San Francisco. If I can get my act together I want to go up there – for nothing more than to say that I did it. So what do you all think? Drop me an e-mail and give me some encouragement. Please.