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On vacation again

It seems the Xterra needs some belts and another gizmo to stop the noises. Luckily, they are low cost items and should only require a 5 year loan for the labor costs. As I was waiting for my courtesy shuttle back to the house from the dealer, I realized I would never make a good car salesmen. I am just too darn honest and would probably tell people they really don’t need a car.

Well I am off on a vacation again, this time to the beautiful Echo Bay Resort at Lake Mead on the Colorado River. On second thought, can someone actually have a vacation when they are not working? Maybe I should just refer to it as time away from home.

In my nap-induced haze, I received a call from the producer’s of NBC’s “Weakest Link”. They wanted me to audition tomorrow night for the show. Sadly, I am due to be on the road tomorrow so I had to say no. They did tell me to call next week to see if they can schedule something for the first week of September. Hey, if it goes well, maybe I won’t need a job.

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