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Let’s Play!


No, I didn’t get a job, but I managed to make it into the Hot Seat of DCA’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I was so stoked. I blew the 32,000 point question, but still ended up with a nice hat and some pins. This is probably the last chance I get to play it, especially if I get a job at DCA on Wednesday. It was also nice to be walking around the park and have someone come up to me and say “Hey it’s Josh!”

The Non-Labor Day festivities were a blast. here was a core group of 5 of us who were here for the whole weekend and another 5 or so people who wandered in and out of the apartment. Games included Loaded Questions, Cranium, Atmosfear and various card games. The earliest we went to bed was 2am on Saturday night, the latest was 4:30 am on both Friday and Sunday nights. The best part of the weekend was that there we all got to know each other a lot more. Some people were relatively new to the group, but even the old timers got to know each other a bit more.