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Flesh-Eating Big Brother

Another day of non-stop coverage. At least some channels are airing commercials. Something I keep thinking about (besides the events of 11 September, is what the heck is going on in the Big Brother 2 house? Are they just gonna stay there until the networks decide to resume normal broadcasts? Imagine being stuck there with just a hint of what has actually happened. I know it is trivial, but it has been on my mind.

Now for something else. I was reading the September 14-20 issue of Entertainment Today (an LA newspaper not to be confused with Entertainment Weekly) and I found a particularly humorous article in their “News of the Weird” section. I’ll transcribe it here since they haven’t updated their site with the latest articles.

“Two women undergoing C-section births at Evanston (Ill.) Hospital on July 31 received the necrotizing fasciitis (“flesh eating”) bacteria when a surgeon passed gas in the operating room. The Chicago Tribune reported only that the bacteria were present in a surgeon’s intestines and not in a throat culture, and probably entered the patients through the air, but Chicago’s Channel 5 News’ experts carried out the logic and named flatus as the culprit. (The two women, their babies, and the surgeon have been treated and are out of danger.)”

Something to ponder indeed.