Finally Made it to the Fair

Highlights of this year’s fair: Grandma’s BBQ sauce dumping all over the table after the lid came off (karma payback for the time that she offered me some Orange Juice and I shook it not knowing that she rarely screws the lid on tight – right before we left to go to the family Christmas party) and the Sky Ride – a ride that neither my aunt or grandma particularly enjoyed until we were well into it. Sad to report, but I didn’t partake in my usual corn dog, instead choosing an average tri-tip sandwich. It just doesn’t compare to Mom’s. Even further shocking – no soft serve. Oh well, I was certain that it was not as good as Foster Freeze anyway.

A good time was had by all, though it amazes me that they still sell Ginzu knives, Chamois, ring cleaner, and the Vegamatic that has a motor that can run a lawnmower. I think I still prefer the State Fair in Sacramento, but then again where else but in LA could you have a table setting competition alongside baked goods and quilts?