Weaker than the Weakest Link

Another game show rejection. First it was as host of the DCA Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Now it is as a contestant on Weakest Link. I don’t feel too bad though, of the 200 people in the room auditioning, only 6 made the cut. What really bothers me is that when push comes to shove, I sometimes forget the easy questions.

Today was not just and ego check however. I discovered on Comedy Central’s site the upcoming airdates for the new Absolutely Fabulous Series 4.They also have a link to the great BBC site on the series, complete with video excerpts and summaries. The fun starts November 12th, so get your VCRs ready! I can’t wait.

Citizen Kane came out on DVD today. I guess it is time to add some more items to my Amazon Wish List. Maybe tomorrow.