Groovy Outfits

Another joy of work: Getting everyone on the Carousel to wish a little kid a happy birthday. It was Cameron’s turn yesterday, and it is always a good feeling when you hear everyone say “Happy Birthday”. Scheduling wanted me to come in tonight for Haunted Mansion guest control. I wanted to do it, just so I could wear the groovy outfit, but tonight is Cory’s Halloween party and as a member of the boy band, I have to go. I am gonna be the “rocker” member complete with leather pants. Should be an interesting time, as well as being warm in those pants.

Another couple of weekends and it will be Wendy’s wedding. She’s a friend from back my geography classes in college and is a fixture at the Anti-Valentine’s Day parties. Both Wendy and her fiancĂ© Mice (short for Michael) are big Disney fans as well and I wish them all the best. I will be in the wedding reading a Psalm, and I have promised not to sound like Jesse Jackson while reading it (think Jesse on Saturday Night Live reading Green Eggs and Ham).