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I hate Earthlink Part 2

I am so mad at Pacific Bell and Earthlink right now. For the second time in a year they have outright cancelled my DSL. So no more Earthlink. I’ve decided to go directly through Pac Bell. Hopefully, I won’t have to deal with this anymore.

Right when I got all upset, I found out that my grandmother has to go in for emergency surgery to fix a tear in her Aorta. Since she had her replacement valve surgery three months ago, the difficulty of the surgery is magnified. She goes in tomorrow and we are all hoping for the best. It is a reminder though that in the grand scheme of things, internet access doesn’t really matter.

Friday I am off to Northern California for Wendy and Mice’s wedding. I also hope to get a chance to see the whole gang up there, and if possible visit grandmother in the hospital in Sacramento.