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We Are Gathered Here

Nope I am not dead, just incredibly busy. I was out of town all last weekend at Wendy’s wedding which was a grand, fabulous affair. I had the honor of doing some readings during the ceremony which were well received. Me and my friend Susie took mock wedding photos while we were there. We thought they would be perfect if we ever decided to run off and get married – we would save a fortune on a photographer.

So between the ceremony and reception on Saturday and now, I have been going non-stop. We visited my grandmother in the hospital in Sacramento on Sunday and then drove back to LA Sunday night. She’s doing better every day, and hopefully she wont have to stay in the hospital much longer. We decided to drive straight to LA to save time rather than drop Susie off in Santa Barbara (thus having to make a B-Line to 101 and the coastal route). Instead, we chose the straight shot on I-5 and Monday morning I woke up early to drive Susie back to Santa Barbara and then turned around and came back. I had an hour layover at the house before it was off to Disneyland.

Tuesday I pulled double duty – first working at my dad’s shop in the morning and then Disneyland in the afternoon. By the time I dragged myself in the door, I was dead tired. Today, I had off and some free tickets to California Adventure thanks to work. Roger and I took Tom and went with Wendy and Mice who were down for their honeymoon to DCA. We had a great time – though we were a bit miffed that our drawings did not make it into the Luminaria show at night (pics and comments will be posted on my DCA site when I get a chance).

So tomorrow, I do Tuesday all over again, and Friday I work in the morning at Disneyland – so I am thinking that Friday afternoon and night will be the first chance to rest since last week. At some point Friday night, I hope to get the wedding and DCA photos up. As I always like to say on this site, don’t hold your breath!