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Harry Potter and the Holiday Faire

Another busy couple of days. Working two jobs can get to you after awhile and completely drain you if you are not careful. That is why today is a relax day. Disneyland has been going well, though the crowds have started to pick up, and I can only imaging how bad it will be by the end of the holidays. I applied for some new jobs today on monster. I hope something comes up soon, as I need to get a new source of income soon. Money isn’t that tight, but my comfort margin is shrinking a bit faster than I would like. With the holidays approaching I need to be extra careful of how I spend my money.

Friday night we went and saw the Harry Potter movie. Now, I have never read any of the books and I only had a faint idea of what the story was about. That said, I really enjoyed the movie. It was well acted and well balanced and as a newcomer I had no problems following the action.

Saturday was spent at the annual Disney Studios holiday faire. After two years of hearing about it after the fact, I was glad I caught wind of it. I wasn’t really interested in the craft faire, but I always enjoy walking around the studios. I scored a new license plate frame, a sweater and a jacket with Disney Studios logos. Mice was happy to get some pins, and we all ended up getting out picture taken with Mickey and Minnie in Fall outfits.

I really need to start looking for a new apartment as well. I hope we can score a reasonable two bedroom. If not, looks like I’ll be giving more stuff to Goodwill.