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The Human Adventure is Fabulous

Sunday night, I sat down and watched the new director’s edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This movie has often been referred to as “Star Trek: The Motionless Picture” by many of my friends, and is not high up on my list of favorite movies. However, the new director’s edition is fantastic. It is amazing what a few additional special effects and some tighter editing can do for a picture. I didn’t realize how much better it was until I watched some of the deleted scenes. All in all, it is a good DVD to pick up and I can’t wait and see what they do with Star Trek II next year.

This morning, I opened Peter Pan at Disneyland. Morning shifts are a mixed blessing. It is nice in the park (Only the magic morning people are there for the first two hours), but the commute is horrific from my house at that time. Coming back from work the I-5 was at a standstill so I decided to go the super-long way. At least there was no traffic.

Tonight is the second episode of the new series of Ab Fab. I love Ab Fab and I am thrilled that they decided to do some more episodes. It is funny how great British shows can be, and yet they often do not have that many episodes (i.e. Fawltey Towers).