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As I was surfing around the web, I came across Andy’s site for the first time in awhile. Andy started a blog not too long ago and I am glad to see that he’s still going strong. Of course, Andy’s site is 1 billion times more dynamic than clubjosh, but then again he is 1 billion times the programmer that I am. He has pointed me in the right direction to learn PHP and between him and Dave I can always get my mondo-complicated programming questions answered.

My other friend Mandel has also started a blog recently on his newly revamped and relaunched site. When he was relaunching his site he asked his friends opinions on several domain names. I was bummed when he didn’t go for my favorite, “”. It is a groovy site so check it out.

Andy and Mandel are two people that I don’t see nearly often enough and I am glad I at least get a peek into their lives now and then.