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Computer Churros

What a crazy week this has been! We have been running around looking at apartments and I have been fitting in errands and chores between monster DL shifts. This week is the private parties for Disney employees, and I have worked all three. They are lots of fun to work because the park is pretty quiet, and the Disney employees are nice and behave. As cast members, we get to ride rides on our breaks and get to eat Churros onstage – woo hoo! The only drawback is that the park stays open until 12:30am and I don’t usually get home until almost 2am.

My new computer has arrived, and I finally feel like I am in the 21st Century. I know – you are all saying how can he get a new computer with Disney pay? Well lets just thank Jolly Ol’ Dad..uh I mean St. Nick. Yeah, that’s it. It is a 1.6Ghz P4 with 256 MB Ram and a 32MB graphics card and a 40GB HD. I have added some of my old PC parts (like the network card and the burner). Now all I need to do is copy over some of the old data and software. One major bummer is that the SCSI card is too old for the new machine, so I will need to get one so I can run the scanner. I might have to wait until after the New Year for that one. In the meantime, I installed Quake 3 which I haven’t played since I left my last job. I am now recruiting old co-workers to see if we can get a nice frag session going.