Club Josh

Worms are for Apples

I finally got Norton Antivirus installed on my laptop. The latest worm that is going around has been sent to me about 20 times now from people who have been looking at my Charo page. Thankfully, I removed my contacts from Outlook Express long ago (I know, I know, I only use it on my laptop for quick e-mail checks). I hope no one got the file from me. I guess it is a good thing I have been working at DL a lot this week. Not too much time to goof off on the computer and spread viruses.

Well I am now all nice and inoculated and the installation on the new computer is going ok. No major hiccups except for the SCSI card debacle. I still need to port over my old data and then wipe the old one and get it ready for some hard HP Core work. Speaking of which, I think I have found a good inventory software program with a barcode scanner for a project. I am just starting out, but thankfully I won’t be needing to write any far-flung programs myself.