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Chim Chim Cher-ee Smack

Another couple of late shifts at DL for private parties. The most memorable moments from the first night occurred in the middle of my rendition of “Chim Chim Cher-ee” from Mary Poppins… Last night’s highlight was the swapping of DL ghost stories. At Walt’s Birthday on Wednesday, I was disappointed that they ran out of cake, but I was happy to snag an awesome poster that is a collage of pictures of Walt around Disneyland. It will make a nice addition to the group of Disney-related posters that are awaiting proper treatment to be hung up. Hopefully, after we move I’ll hang ’em up.

I finally went out and got a new SCSI card for the new computer so I can hook up the scanner. With that, the new machine is ready to go and I can go ahead and try and purge the old machine. I want to re-format the drive and reload Win 98, but with a temperamental Floppy Disc controller it will not be easy.

Susie has reminded me that I am mondo-remiss in putting Wendy’s wedding photos online. I will try and get them up soon. (As soon as she develops her film). I need to bring back the Friends and Family section, I think the party pics in the Charo section deserve there own category now, plus it gives me a place to post pics that are not really Gorn or Party pics that are of general interest to my friends. Oh but the pain of moving all those folders into a new directory. I will probably wimp out and just leave them there, but link them from a different page – that way I can keep all that search engine traffic. Speaking of SE’s, Yahoo has overtaken Google as the top referrer on my site thanks to some boffo positioning when you search for “Charo”.