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Shame on Caltrans, Shame!

One of the links on Mike Seery’s web site is to the now-defunct Highway 17 Page of Shame. It is no longer around which in itself is a shame. The page documented really bad drivers on Highway 17 through the Santa Cruz mountains that this guy would encounter during his commute. Today, it occurred to me that if I started an I-5 Page of Shame that I would put CalTrans on it. You see, in their infinite wisdom, they have been closing 2 lanes of a three lane freeway, arguably one of the most congested in the state, in the middle of the day – tying up traffic for miles. Why they don’t do it in the middle of the night like the other lane closures I’ll never know.

I applied for two positions at the City of Glendale today. Here’s hopin’ that it leads to something good.

I was due to have a good day at DL since the last few days have been really tough – overdue lunches and breaks combined with large crowds. Today, I was rewarded – one of the cast members who works on both my attraction and the Haunted Mansion gave a small group a walk through and I was one of the lucky few. I won’t go into details (after all I wouldn’t want to upset my new best friend Paul Pressler – did I mention I like the tickets?), but it was really, really cool.