Is it really Christmas?

It’s Christmas time and in the Southland it must mean temperatures in the 70’s. Things have been crazy at DL, it is amazing how much work goes into such a low paying job. I did discover a secret though. If Christmas Eve is a weekday than the resort is not as crowded as it is on weekends and the days after Christmas. A little tip if you are planning on stopping by next Holiday season.

I finished up the last bit of wrapping and buying last night. If it wasn’t for all the frantic, panicked people at Sav-On last night and the holiday decorations around town, I would have a hard time believing it was Christmas. I dunno – I think because of my busy schedule things have just flown by me.

I did have a great weekend visiting the family. Mom, Gary, and Wesley came over to spend the weekend. We spent Saturday trying to finish up the shopping and Sunday we all went to Disneyland with my brother and his family. I got there at 10am and then had to work at 4pm until closing so it was a very long day. I always enjoy going with my nieces and nephews – it adds an extra touch that Roger and I rarely get when we go by ourselves.

I hope everyone gets what they wish for, and for those who didn’t – go out and buy it tomorrow! My wish: I get a nice call from the City of Glendale.