Another Year, Another Breakdown

I finally got around to splitting the Daily Update archives on the PDA site into years. I have been meaning to do it sooner, but it really was not an issue. However with the start of another year, I figured why not – plus it would save me down the road.

Right smack dab in the middle of the Christmas Fantasy parade at DL, while I was enjoying the music and mouthing the words for the guests, Alice in Wonderland decides to break down. Usually the only time a ride will go down is for station backup, but this time one of the cars decided to not get any juice when dispatched. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but because the parade runs right next to the control panel, you can hardly hear yourself think. So as I was spieling to the guests inside the ride, I couldn’t help but think of what was going through there minds as I was telling them to remain seated and they can hear the parade music in the background. Mrs. Clause let me have it too – she pointed out to Pluto and the people watching the parade that the caterpillars were not moving. Thanks, as if everyone needed to know. All was not lost as Ariel felt bad for me and blew me a kiss.

My hours at DL are going to be returning to normal soon and the big crowds should go away. Of course, that means it is Rehab season at the park with no less than 3 Fantasyland attractions going down on Monday (Carrousel, Mr. Toad, and Peter Pan). I think they are going to do some minor work on the ride, but the main reason they will be down is so they can finish the ongoing paving project. So get out to the park this weekend if you want to ride those three.