Avoid Small Children with Boogers

To that small child somewhere out in the world who sneezed and got boogers all over me: I hate you. Sure it was cute, but I am once again sick. I was just getting over a cold right around Christmas and sure enough, I got assaulted at the Tea Cups by this small child and his cold. Oh well. I have been feeling crummy for a few days, but thankfully I have some time off today and tomorrow to try and recoup.

Things have been really slow other than that at the park. There are walls up everywhere and I swore I saw a tumbleweed through Frontierland the other day. I plan on enjoying my time with low crowds, though make no mistake, guests still check their brain at the door, and I might even go as far to say that some of them are actually dumber this time of year. I think a good research study needs to be commissioned.

My e-mail today brings word that Scott and Debbie have returned from a visit to Disneyland Paris. We are going to try and hook up so they can give me some of the photos to update to my Disneyland Paris site.