If I could look that good at 80

Today is my grandmother’s 80th birthday. The event was celebrated by a jaunt to my dad’s favorite Italian restaurant, Petrillo’s. The food, especially the pizza, is pretty good. My grandmother is in great shape for 80 – she goes to the gym every day, watches what she eats, and still manages to get around pretty good. Our discussions turned to family history and talked over a lot of the early days (in my family that means the 1940s and such). Always interesting stuff – I do wish that I took better notes. I am in the process of working with someone on the genealogy of the Catalfo line and after many years of no luck, we have been able to open some doors and get some records.

Saturday there is a surprise party for my grandmother featuring an Elvis impersonator (fortunately grandma doesn’t have access to the net yet so I can post it here). I want to be there but the gods at DL scheduling have me for a midday shift. Hopefully, I will be able to get out of there early and make it over there. Also, one of my old co-workers is throwing a house warming party in Redondo Beach and I want to make it out there as well. So many parties, so little time.