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Everyone go out and cuchi-cuchi

It’s Charo’s Birthday! Everyone go out and cuchi-cuchi.

Celebrity sighting today at the park: Shannen Doherty. It is nice to see celebs with kids just chilling out and having fun like the rest of us. She was trying to keep a low profile, but I did think it was fun to tell the kids that were with her to make sure that they stayed behind the yellow line. One of these days, it would be nice to carry a small camera and a Gorn with me in the park and if a celeb is feeling bold or chatty, get them to pose. But I also respect their privacy, and I bet very few would go for it, and hey since they are there on vacation, they deserve to be left alone.

I’m working on the new Disneyland Paris pictures, but it is taking a tad bit longer than I had anticipated. Like I always say on the site – It’s coming soon, but don’t hold your breath.