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Around the Site and the Park

It has been a pretty routine week around here at Club Josh, but some exciting things – OK, maybe not that exciting – have been going on. This week, I did a quickie redesign of the Charo home page. I decided to quickly go through and change it to a white background so I can put the header up that the Trip Diaries and Gorn pages already have. Since Charo is the highest trafficked section of the site, I figured I might get some more traffic to the other sections. The only loss was that of the animated “Cuchi-Cuchi” gif file. I still have problems with PhotoShop 6 and animated gifs, and I wasn’t in the mood to try and figure it out. So the gif is gone for now, and hopefully it will be back soon.

At Disneyland, my most exciting moment was yesterday, when a young kid decided that his dad had spun a teacup too fast and left a trail of vomit from the center of the turntable to the exit gate where he finished. I felt awful for the kid, I am sure he was embarrassed, and it turned my stomach for the rest of the day just thinking about it. It took about 30 minutes for custodial to get it all mopped up, and by then I was at Alice in Wonderland. They did flip the wall in Fantasyland so when I get back next week, I get to work my favorite ride, Peter Pan, and my nemesis, Mr. Toad. Toad and I were in synch over the holidays, so hopefully it won’t take too long to get back into the rhythm. thankfully, It won’t be too busy when I get back – unlike this weekend which is sure to be packed.

Why and How do people lose shoes on the freeway???

Pics and comments from the 11th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day taking place this weekend up in Northern California should be up sometime Monday barring laziness and unexpected delays.