Return from A-V Day

Back from a brief trip up to Northern California. A fun time was had by all at the 11th Annual A-V Day. Susie did notice that the mood seemed to be a lot less bitter than in year’s past, mainly due to the abundance of couples and children. I told her that bitterness is still there, it has just evolved. She is convinced that there needs to be a return to the roots of the party with singles-only, invites all over the UC campus, and holding the party on Valentine’s Day. We’ll see what she conjures up next year.

We did resolve to finally do something about the June party. See, my friends and I have always had 2 major parties four months apart – my birthday, and A-V Day. We have always wanted to have a party in June which would be four months from both of those parties. So this year we are going to give it a go and see if we can get a party going in Santa Barbara in June for a combo ‘Chaos Solstice and Birthday Bash’.

As we always do in the car on the road trips (other than doing dramatic readings from certain magazines) we try and think of themes for the upcoming b-day bash. The front runner so far this year is “Night of 1,000 Stars”. We still have 8 months, but its never to early to start planning.