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Slacker removing the extra slacks

Only six entries for February??? Man, am I slacking! I blame it on a short month. I intend to get back to doing more regular updates sometime soon. I know, I know, I keep saying that, but these update entries can’t be forced. I have to nurture them.

Today I finally began the great purge. I have not filled all the bags of crud up yet, but let’s just say that the mound on the floor is rather large. I am glad that I do not have any small children – they might get buried. I’m glad my friend Cooper is not bringing his new son Noah over anytime this weekend. Spring time must be around the corner – I can’t explain what has come over me lately. I have mentioned it in the past that I wanted to do it, but something about the weather and lack of interesting web surfing finally gave me the chance to get to it.

Tomorrow I have a bizarre shift – 7:30am-12:45pm. Nothing like getting up early in the morning to make magic. One of the fringe benefits is that because I have Sunday off, it will seem like I had the whole weekend off because I rarely venture out of the house on weekends before 1pm. Not something necessarily to be proud of, but hey, I enjoy my sleep.