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Spent most of the weekend trying to recover from Friday night. I had only four hours of sleep and had to be at the Mouse House by 7:30am. I survived and arrived on-time, but spent most of the rest of the week napping. Saturday was a complete loss, but Sunday I managed to go see the relatives and have dinner at Chevy’s.

I did manage to do some work on the Club House. I am still afraid that when it finally launches, there will still be tons left to do. If I tried to get it all done at once, it would never be done.

Palm has introduced two new color handhelds. Sorry Chaos, I guess we should have waited a few weeks before you went out and bought that Visor Prism. I especially like the fact that they released a super-cheap color model, and that they have improved on the m505. I’d go color – if I actually used my Palm for more than an address book.