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My Favorites are coming back

It is almost time for Vegas! Next weekend, Club Josh travels to Las Vegas to see Charo perform at the Venetian. I haven’t seen Charo perform since I saw her in Reno back in 1998. Hopefully, the new show will be better than ever, and I will get the chance to get some good pictures. Of course, the Gorn will be along for the trip and maybe I can update the celebrity photo of Charo with the Gorn.

Tomorrow, my favorite TV show returns to the air: The Amazing Race! I fell in love with the show last fall and can’t wait for the new episodes. I have been watching Survivor: Marquesas and already like this version better than the Africa group. I missed last week’s episode due to the ineptitude of Adelphia cable. Apparently, there was a massive outage in my part of LA causing the cable to be mostly out for over two days. Repeated calls to the 800 number were rewarded with Call Center personnel who had no clue.

Thankfully, it is back on the air in time for the Amazing Race.